Ethiopia, Sidama Shantawene G1, Natural | FILTER
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Ethiopia, Sidama Shantawene G1, Natural | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Melon, yellow plum and raisin


Ethiopia, Sidama




1920-2020 masl


JARC Selection 74158


940 smallholder producers



The Sidama region is prized with fertile soils, high altitudes, and an ideal climate for high quality coffee. The coffee industry, since the growth of popularity of coffee from Ethiopia, widely uses ‘Sidamo,’ but due to recent political changes, Sidama is the correct reference to the famed coffee-producing region. The Shantawene Station works directly with 940 smallholder producers to mill coffee for export. Daye Bensa, the exporting organization in Ethiopia, provides assistance to producers to sell
their coffee. The owner of the mill, Asefa Dukamo, was introduced to coffee at a young age as his parents were cultivating coffee and other garden crops. In his teens, he began to supply neighbouring coffee washing stations with cherries purchased from nearby relatives and villagers in addition to his own family’s farm. He realized that there were not many washing stations nearby, and he had to travel great distances to deliver his coffee. Thus began the idea to construct his own washing station to reduce the travel time for coffee producers in his region.

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