Kenya Githongo AA | FILTER
Kenya Githongo AA | FILTER
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Kenya Githongo AA | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Blackcurrant, lime, honey


Kenya, Kiambu County


Fully washed, dried on raised beds


1800 to 1950 masl


Githongo Factory


1,200 Smallholder farmers around Karenge


The Githongo Factory is located in the Central Highlands of Kenya bordering Nakuru and Kajiado in the West, Murang’a and Nyandarua to the North and Nairobi to the South. The name for Kiambu County originates from the Mbari ya Mbuu Kikuyu clan who once lived in the area.

The coffee is grown throughout the region on healthy deep red volcanic soils high in nutrients and organic matter. This soil is ideal for coffee production and gives the trees the necessary resources to allocate energy to high-quality coffee production.

Every step of this coffee production is under careful surveillance. From the cherries that are picked to the washing and fermentation, drying and sorting. This, along with the ideal soil and climate is clearly noticeable in the final cup of coffee. Full of fruit and vibrancy, we are very excited to have and share this exceptional example of Kenyan coffee.

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