Williams & Johnson Coffee Co. Edinburgh


We love to supply shops and cafes with our retail bags so we can show of a variety of our coffees, please contact us if you have somewhere in mind.

We always have a selection of coffees that we supply to coffee shops and cafes. Our single origins are almost always suitable for espresso (just ask us).

We have developed our 'Seasonal Espresso' especially for our wholesale customers. It is normally a blend, often comprised of some of our single origin offerings and sometimes we source beans especially for the 'Seasonal Espresso'. This offering is designed to always be ideal for brewing vibrant, sweet and balanced espresso based drinks. The components in this coffee do change throughout the year and each time they do we share all of the relevant information with our customers. The coffee is much higher quality for always being fresh and it's also a bit of a talking point and more interesting for the consumer. We are quite proud of it. Let us know what you think.


Please contact us with any enquiries .