Ethiopia, Sidama Keramo, Fully Washed | FILTER
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Ethiopia, Sidama Keramo, Fully Washed | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Bergamot and lemon sherbet


Ethiopia, Sidama


Fully washed


2260-2360 masl


JARC Selection 74158


381 smallholder producers



For processing, the journey begins with only the most ripe cherries being selectively hand-picked. Once collected, the cherries are delivered to the mill to be sorted based on density and quality. This process is carried out by submerging the cherries in tanks and removing the floating cherries prior to drying. After sorting, the cherries are then de-pulped by machine and transferred into fermentation tanks for 24 hours. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee is rushed through tunnels and pushed with wooden tools to remove the mucilage. After the washing process is complete, the coffee is moved to traditional raised beds lined with mesh nets. The coffee rests here for roughly 12-15 days depending on temperature and humidity, rotation occurring every 30 minutes. Following this stage, the coffee is dried, and producers will generally travel via horseback or motorcycle 2-5kms to the dry mill. At the mill, the coffee is hulled via machine. The Keramo Station is one example, whereby producers bring coffee cherries to be processed and purchased. The Keramo Station is named after the well-known coffee-producing village in this region.

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